Best Laptops for Writers and Journalists in April 2024

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Are you a writer or journalist in search of the perfect budget laptop to enhance your productivity and creativity? Look no further! In this blog, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best Laptops for Writers and Journalists .

We have thoroughly reviewed and tested each laptop, from top-rated choices to budget-friendly options, to ensure it meets your unique needs.

Additionally, our buyer’s guide will provide valuable insights on choosing the ideal laptop for your profession.

Whether you prioritize portability, performance, or versatility, our list has got you covered. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to seamless writing experiences with these carefully selected laptops.

Top 3 Rated Laptop for Writers, Authors, Bloggers & Journalists

When searching for the best laptops for writers, authors, bloggers, and journalists, consider key factors like portability. Opt for a lightweight and compact laptop like the ThinkPad for easy mobility.

A comfortable and responsive keyboard, such as the best keyboard, is essential for enjoyable typing during long writing sessions. Battery life, with hours of battery life, is crucial for uninterrupted work.

Look for a laptop with a long-running battery that can keep up with your demanding workload. Choose the best laptops for writers and journalists that meet these criteria to enhance your writing journey.

In terms of storage capacity, writers often require ample space to save and organize their documents and files. Opt for a laptop that offers sufficient storage capacity for all your writing needs, such as a laptop with a high-capacity GB SSD.

A fast processor is also highly recommended, as it will enable you to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, improving your overall productivity efficiently.

Lastly, a high-resolution display can greatly enhance the writing and editing experience, allowing you to see every detail with clarity and precision.

Best Laptops for Writers Reviewed & Tested

When choosing the best laptops for writers and journalists, prioritize portability and comfort. Look for a lightweight and compact laptop that’s easy to carry around, perfect for writers on the go. A comfortable and responsive keyboard is essential for long writing sessions.

Opt for a laptop with long battery life to ensure uninterrupted work. Ample storage capacity is necessary for saving documents and files. A fast processor handles multiple tasks efficiently, and a high-resolution display enhances the writing and editing experience. Consider these factors to find the ideal laptop for your writing needs.

Best Laptops for Writers and Journalists

Acer Aspire 5 59W2

Acer Aspire 5 59W2

HP 17.3

HP 17.3

Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBook Air

Asus VivoBook 15

Asus VivoBook 15

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3

HP Chromebook 14

HP Chromebook 14

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo Chromebook C330

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Google Pixelbook Go

Google Pixelbook Go

HP Spectre ×360

HP Spectre ×360

Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

Asus Zenbook

Asus Zenbook

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7


Acer Aspire 5 59W2– Best Choice for Writers

Best Laptops for Writers and Journalists

The Acer Aspire 5 59W2 is a fantastic choice for writers and journalists looking for a laptop that offers both reliability and affordability. This top-rated laptop features a 15.6-inch Full HD display, ensuring your writing and video editing experience is clear and crisp.

Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, it delivers fast and efficient performance, allowing you to multitask effortlessly and run all the necessary writing software. With 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD, you’ll have plenty of storage space for all your documents and files, with quick access whenever needed.

The backlit keyboard is a great addition, especially for those late-night writing sessions when you need to keep going even in low-light situations. When finding the best laptop for writers and journalists, the Acer Aspire 5 59W2 is a top choice for GB.


  1. Cost-effective: The Acer Aspire 5 is affordable, making it an economical choice for buyers on a budget.
  2. Windows 11 Compatibility: This laptop is designed to run Windows 11, enabling users to enjoy the latest features and enhancements of the operating system.
  3. Extensive Port Selection: With a wide array of ports, the Acer Aspire 5 offers versatility and convenience for connecting various devices and peripherals.
  4. Sharp 1080p Screen: The laptop boasts a high-definition 1080p screen, ensuring clear and detailed visuals for an immersive viewing experience.


  1. Lackluster Screen Vibrancy: While the Acer Aspire 5 features a 1080p screen, some users may find the colors and vibrancy of the display to be less impressive or vibrant than desired.
  2. Limited Power: Regarding processing power, the Acer Aspire 5 needs to be higher than more robust laptops, potentially leading to suboptimal performance with resource-intensive tasks or demanding applications.
  3. Average Battery Life: The laptop’s battery life is average, meaning it may only offer extended usage times if it requires frequent recharging, limiting its portability and convenience.

HP 17.3″ – Best Laptop for Journalists

Best Laptops for Writers and Journalists

The HP 17.3″ laptop, also known as the surface laptop, is a top pick for journalists, thanks to its large screen size that offers a comfortable writing and editing experience.

With an ample storage space and a powerful processor, this laptop can easily handle large files and multitasking. The backlit keyboard is especially helpful for working in low-light environments or during late-night writing sessions.

Its long battery life ensures uninterrupted writing sessions. Moreover, the HP 17.3″ laptop boasts excellent connectivity options, including USB and HDMI ports, allowing easy file transfer and connection to external devices. If you are a journalist looking for a reliable and feature-packed laptop, the HP 17.3″ is a great choice.


  1. Spacious, vibrant display
  2. User-friendly keyboard with numeric keypad
  3. Thin and lightweight considering its screen size
  4. Includes a USB-C port for versatile connectivity


  1. Absence of webcam privacy slider
  2. Relatively heavy compared to other laptops

Apple MacBook Air– Great Laptop for Bloggers

Apple MacBook Air

The Apple MacBook Air is a great laptop option for bloggers due to its sleek design and portability. With its high-resolution Retina display, writers can enjoy crisp, clear text for long writing sessions.

The MacBook Air’s comfortable keyboard provides a responsive typing experience, perfect for bloggers who spend hours on their laptops. With its powerful processor and ample storage options, the MacBook Air can handle multiple writing projects, making it a reliable choice for bloggers.

Its long battery life ensures that bloggers can work for extended periods without demanding to recharge. The Apple MacBook Air is a stylish and dependable laptop for bloggers seeking a top-notch device.


  1. Premium and durable design
  2. Outstanding large display quality
  3. Impressive performance capabilities
  4. Reliable battery life for prolonged usage


  1. Absence of Face ID for convenient authentication
  2. Potential annoyance caused by the notch on the display
  3. Room for improvement in terms of slimmer bezels for a more immersive visual experience.

Asus VivoBook 15– Best 15-inch Laptops for Writers

Asus VivoBook 15

The Asus VivoBook 15 is widely regarded as one of the best 15-inch laptops for writers, including the Microsoft Surface Laptop. With its spacious display, comfortable backlit keyboard, and lightweight design, this laptop offers an exceptional writing experience.

Whether you’re working from home or constantly on the move, the VivoBook 15’s portability and long battery life make it an ideal companion. Powered by a powerful processor, it provides smooth multitasking capabilities and ample storage space for all your writing projects.

Its sleek design and impressive graphics make it a standout choice in the market. If you’re in search of a versatile and reliable laptop for your writing needs, the Asus VivoBook 15, including the Microsoft Surface Laptop, is the perfect choice.


  1. Slim and lightweight design for easy portability.
  2. Decent display panel providing satisfactory visual experience.
  3. Good performance for everyday tasks and multitasking.
  4. Competitive pricing, offering value for money.


  1. Audio output could be improved for better sound quality.

Acer Swift 3– Most Portable, Ideal for Travelling Writers

Acer Swift 3

The Acer Swift 3 is recommended for traveling writers. Its lightweight and portable design, combined with its long battery life, makes it the perfect companion for writers on the go.

With its comfortable keyboard and fast processing power, writers can work efficiently and handle multiple projects at once. The laptop’s sharp and vibrant display enhances the visual experience while writing.

Whether at the airport, a coffee shop, or a remote location, the Acer Swift 3 ensures you can continue your writing endeavors without compromise. Stay productive and creative while traveling with the Acer Swift 3.


Ultra-lightweight design, making it highly portable.

  1. USB-C port with DisplayPort support for versatile connectivity.
  2. Enormous Precision touchpad for precise and smooth navigation. 

Good overall system performance.


Non-upgradeable RAM, restricting potential memory upgrades.

Aspect ratio scaling issues on certain apps affecting the visual experience.

HP Chromebook 14 : Best Chromebook for Writers

HP Chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 is widely regarded as the best Chromebook for writers, offering a combination of portability and performance. Its lightweight design and comfortable keyboard make it a great choice for writers who are constantly on the move.

The Chrome OS provides a user-friendly interface, and the access to Google Docs and other writing apps makes it a convenient tool for writers.

The battery life of the HP Chromebook 14 is impressive, ensuring that writers can work for hours without worrying about running out of power. The sharp and vibrant display adds to the overall writing experience.


  • Impressive battery life that lasts for extended periods
  • Clear and vibrant 1080p display for a visually satisfying experience
  • The eye-catching and appealing design of the laptop’s chassis
  • The keyboard that provides a comfortable typing experience


  • Performance falls below average, lacking in terms of speed and capability
  • The display’s vibrancy could be improved, potentially offering more vivid colors and visual richness

Lenovo Chromebook C330– Best Convertible Laptop for Writing

Lenovo Chromebook C330

The Lenovo Chromebook C330 is a versatile, lightweight laptop designed for writers. With its convertible design, you can easily switch between laptop and tablet mode, allowing for greater portability and convenience.

The Chromebook C330 comes with a responsive touchscreen and a comfortable keyboard, making it effortless to write for extended periods of time.

Its long battery life ensures that you can work on the go without worrying about running out of power.

Running on Chrome OS, the laptop provides access to a wide range of writing and productivity apps through the Google Play Store. Whether you’re writing articles, essays, or novels, the Lenovo Chromebook C330 offers the flexibility and functionality that writers need.


  • Affordable price point, offering good value for the cost.
  • Surprisingly good IPS screen quality, despite its lower resolution.
  • Versatile connectivity options include USB-C, USB-A, HDMI ports, and an SD slot for expandable storage.


  • Large screen bezels, which can detract from the overall visual appeal.
  • Below-average sound quality, providing a less immersive audio experience.
  • Lack of keyboard backlighting, potentially making typing in low-light environments more challenging.

How to Choose A Laptop for Writers – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best laptops for writers and journalists, consider crucial factors. Choose a laptop with an ergonomic and responsive keyboard for comfortable typing. Opt for a lightweight and compact laptop for easy portability.

Look for a long-lasting battery to support your on-the-go writing. Ample storage capacity with a spacious SSD is essential for large files. Select a laptop with a high-resolution screen for an excellent visual experience while writing and editing.

Prioritize processing power with a powerful processor and ample RAM for smooth multitasking. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect laptop for your writing needs.

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What Makes a Great Laptop for Writers?

A great laptop for writers should prioritize a comfortable keyboard with good key travel and tactile feedback and a high-resolution display for clear and sharp text. Long battery life is crucial for uninterrupted writing sessions, while a lightweight and portable design enables work from anywhere.

Recommended Laptop Specifications for Writers

When selecting a laptop for writers, it’s crucial to consider several key specifications. One essential factor is the keyboard, which should provide comfort and responsiveness while typing. Investing in a laptop with a comfortable keyboard will make long writing sessions more enjoyable.

Portability is another important consideration. Opt for a lightweight and compact laptop, particularly if you travel frequently or work on the go.

Uninterrupted writing sessions are ensured with a long battery life, which is especially useful for writers who may need more easy access to power outlets.

Storage capacity is also critical for writers who regularly handle large files and documents. Choose a laptop with ample storage space to accommodate all your work. A high-resolution display with good color accuracy improves the writing and editing experience.

Finally, the laptop’s processing power plays a crucial role. Look for a laptop with a fast processor and sufficient RAM capacity for smooth multitasking and running demanding applications.

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Best Laptops for Writers

When looking for the best laptops for writers and journalists, consider important factors like keyboard comfort, portability, and battery life. Some top picks in this category are the Acer Aspire 5, which offers a comfortable keyboard and an affordable price.

The HP 17.3″ laptop is specifically designed for journalists, providing a large display and powerful performance. For budget-conscious writers, the Acer Aspire 5 R6DE offers a good balance of features and affordability. Bloggers often prefer the Apple MacBook Air for its sleek design and reliable performance.

Writers who need ample screen real estate can opt for the Asus VivoBook 15 with its spacious 15-inch display. The lightweight Acer Swift 3 is perfect for travel writers prioritizing portability.

The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is an excellent option for writers working on books, offering a comfortable keyboard and ample storage space.

Those who prefer Chromebooks can choose the HP Chromebook 14 or Lenovo Chromebook C330, both offering excellent performance and versatility. Lastly, the Lenovo 100s is a budget-friendly option for writers on a tight budget.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 – Best Laptop for Writers

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

The Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is widely recognized as one of the best laptops for writers, offering exceptional features and affordability. With its comfortable keyboard, writers can enjoy extended typing sessions without discomfort.

The laptop’s long battery life ensures uninterrupted productivity, even while on the move. The Lenovo IdeaPad 3’s vibrant and clear display enhances the reading and editing experience, reducing eye strain.

Additionally, this laptop provides ample storage space and fast processing speeds, empowering writers to work seamlessly without any storage limitations or lag. Therefore, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3 is undoubtedly a top choice for writers seeking a reliable and efficient device.


  1. Excellent performance for smooth multitasking and demanding tasks.
  2. USB-C port for versatile connectivity and faster data transfer.
  3. Comfortable keyboard and touchpad for enhanced usability.
  4. Integrated fingerprint scanner for secure and convenient authentication.
  5. Upgradable RAM (at the user’s own risk) for customizable performance.


  1. Lackluster speakers diminish audio quality.
  2. Dull display hampers the visual experience.

Google Pixelbook Go – Best Chromebook for Writers

Google Pixelbook Go

The Google Pixelbook Go is highly recommended for writers who prefer a Chromebook. This lightweight and portable laptop offers excellent performance for writing tasks.

It features a comfortable keyboard and a responsive trackpad, allowing writers to type for extended periods without discomfort. With its long battery life of up to 12 hours, writers can work on the go without interruptions.

The Pixelbook Go’s sleek design and high-quality display make it enjoyable for work and entertainment. Its seamless integration with Google apps and cloud storage allows writers convenient access to their files and documents.

Equipped with an Intel Core processor and SSD storage, the Pixelbook Go ensures fast and reliable performance. For writers seeking a reliable and portable Chromebook, the Google Pixelbook Go is an excellent choice.


  1. Stylish design
  2. Durable magnesium alloy body
  3. High-quality 1080p camera
  4. Good audio output
  5. Long-lasting battery life


  1. High price for a Chromebook
  2. Lack of digital stylus support

HP Spectre ×360

HP Spectre ×360

The HP Spectre ×360 is popular among writers and journalists due to its sleek design and high performance.

This laptop is highly versatile with its convertible 2-in-1 design, allowing it to be used as both a laptop and a tablet. Its long battery life ensures writers can work on their projects without worrying about running out of power.

The responsive and comfortable keyboard provides a smooth and enjoyable typing experience. With its ample storage space and powerful processor, the HP Spectre ×360 can handle multitasking and heavy writing tasks effortlessly.

It is an ideal option for writers looking for a reliable and efficient laptop to support their creative endeavors.


  1. Stunning 3:2 aspect ratio OLED touch screen.
  2. Sleek and sturdy design, exuding elegance.
  3. Impressive performance and long battery life.


  1. It lacks an HDMI port, although a mini dock is included.
  2. Does not have internal pen storage or LTE mobile broadband.
  3. The keyboard layout may need to be slightly better.

Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus Chromebook Flip

The Asus Chromebook Flip is a lightweight, portable option for writers and journalists. With its 360-degree hinge, you can easily switch between laptop, tablet, tent, or stand mode, offering maximum flexibility.

This Chromebook is perfect for on-the-go use thanks to its portability and lightweight design. The Chrome OS operating system ensures fast and efficient performance, making it ideal for writers who need a reliable and user-friendly interface.

With its comfortable keyboard, you can enjoy a seamless typing experience, even during extended writing sessions.

The long battery life ensures you can work for hours without worrying about running out of power. Whether you’re writing articles, blog posts, or reports, the Asus Chromebook Flip is a versatile and affordable choice that meets all your writing needs.


  • Elegant and premium design
  • Reliable and strong performance
  • Vibrant and responsive 14-inch touchscreen
  • Impressive battery life


  • Hinges are somewhat rigid
  • Touchpad can be temperamental

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

The sleek design and powerful performance of the MacBook Pro make it a popular choice among writers and journalists. Its high-resolution Retina display ensures clear and crisp text, enhancing the writing experience.

Thanks to its fast processors and ample RAM, this laptop can handle multitasking and demanding writing software effortlessly.

Typing on the MacBook Pro’s keyboard is a delight, thanks to its comfortable keys and good essential travel. Writers will appreciate its long battery life, providing them with uninterrupted work sessions.

Additionally, the MacBook Pro offers various connectivity options, including USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports, ensuring easy integration with external devices.


  • Impressive performance
  • Extended battery life
  • Outstanding speaker quality
  • Stunning Mini-LED display
  • Space Gray MagSafe charger with color coordination


  • The distraction caused by the display notch, lacking facial recognition
  • Expensive RAM and SSD upgrades

 Asus Zenbook

Asus Zenbook

The Asus Zenbook, known for its lightweight design and long battery life, is highly favored by writers and journalists. Its comfortable keyboard, featuring backlit keys, ensures easy typing even in low-light conditions.

The Zenbook boasts powerful processing capabilities, facilitating smooth multitasking and fast loading. Additionally, its high-resolution display delivers clear and crisp visuals, perfect for reading and editing documents.

With its ample storage space and fast data transfer speeds, the Zenbook is an ideal choice for effortlessly storing and accessing large files and documents.


  • Dual OLED screens enhance mobile content creation.
  • Excellent keyboard and extra-loud speakers provide a satisfying user experience.
  • Comes with additional accessories such as a backpack, palm rest, ergonomic stand, and stylus.


  • A small trackpad is not suitable for left-handed users.
  • Dual-screen software may have a learning curve for some users.
  • Tech specs slightly lag behind comparable laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a versatile laptop that doubles as a tablet. Thanks to its detachable keyboard and touch screen, it provides the flexibility to switch effortlessly between typing and handwriting.

Writers will appreciate the long battery life, allowing them to work without interruption while moving. The laptop’s lightweight design makes it incredibly portable, an ideal companion for writers on the go.

With its powerful performance and lightning-fast processing speeds, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 ensures seamless multitasking and a flawless writing experience.


  • Impressive battery life of up to 10.5 hours
  • USB-C port
  • Dual far-field microphones
  • Excellent keyboard cover for a tablet
  • Wi-Fi 6 support
  • Solid build quality


  • Additional cost for the keyboard and Surface pen
  • Absence of Thunderbolt 3 support
  • Performance may decrease over time due to the fanless design.


What are the most important features to look for in a new laptop?

There are several key factors to consider when looking for the best laptops for writers and journalists. The recommended laptop specifications include:

1. Good RAM.
2. Portability for on-the-go use.
3. A comfortable keyboard for extended typing sessions.

Choosing a laptop with an Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processor is important for optimal performance. For those who prefer a lightweight option, a Chromebook or MacBook Air can be great. These laptops offer long battery life and a sleek design, ideal for writers and journalists on the move. Storage-wise, it’s recommended to go for a laptop with an SSD for faster file access. Whether you prefer a Windows laptop or a Mac, the best laptops for writers and

How Much Should I Spend On A Laptop?

The amount you should spend on a laptop varies based on your requirements and budget. Laptops can range from $500 to over $2000 for writers and journalists. Consider the features and specifications relevant to your work, research options, compare prices, and select a laptop that provides the best value for your investmen

What Are The Minimum Specs I Should Get?

For writers and journalists, opting for a laptop with an Intel Core i5 processor is advisable as a minimum requirement. A minimum of 8GB RAM is recommended to handle multiple tasks and applications smoothly. A solid-state drive (SSD) with at least 256GB storage capacity is also necessary for fast boot times and ample storage. It’s also important to have a comfortable keyboard and a high-resolution display for extended writing sessions.


In conclusion, finding the best laptops for writers and journalists is crucial for boosting productivity. Whether you’re a professional or aspiring writer, a reliable laptop can make a significant difference in your work.

Our comprehensive list covers top-rated options, considering factors like keyboard comfort, portability, battery life, storage, display, and processing power. Invest in a laptop that suits your needs and budget, and elevate your writing experience to new heights.

Check out our detailed reviews and buyer’s guide to discover the perfect laptop for writers and journalists. Upgrade your writing tools now for improved efficiency and creativity.


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